Monday, 9 December 2013

Halloween Speakeasy with Film Fatale

Dublin Film Fatale organised a 1920s Speakeasy theme Halloween party back in October; and I must have been one of the first to book tickets as I was hoping to get out this Halloween, and the idea of an alternative Halloween event, based on Art Deco decadence and silent films, really appealed to me. Also - it was to be at a secret venue! The description on the event page was extremely enticing, with promises of Charleston tunes, silent movies, burlesque acts and an invitation to dress up Old Hollywood style (we can still read it here).

I had been getting into a bit of 1920s dressing recently while modelling for my vintage shop, but I somehow didn't feel like going Flapper this time; so as the Prohibition Era kind of lasted into the 1930s, I went with a more 1930s full-gowned look. Another consideration was what people in the 1920s and 1930s would dress up as for fancy balls, when not in their everyday trendy wear. The fairies were a popular theme, which was quite what I had in mind. I will probably do a post of the inspirations later as well.

I used a vintage 1970s Candi Jones white dress in 1930s style, which was a recent purchase from a little Etsy shop of the quirky name The Atomic Squirrel.We got some photos with the party's Paper Moon prop- very 1920s! I fancy that my gown goes nicely with the moon...

Vintage Candi Jones white dress, paper moon picture 
Candi Jones white dress fairy costume
Film Fatale Halloween Party
(Photo courtesy of Ronan McCall from Film Fatale)

And here are two on the stairs for the full length:
(I can't believe how I actually accomplished the new hairdo [it's a variation of the Civil War "Luana Braid"]; best I have done of it so far, seriously.) 

Vintage Candi Jones dress
Vintage Candi Jones White Dress

The end result is a bit ambiguously between fairy (A Midsummer Night's Dream Titania fairy queen kind), Vivien Leigh's ballet costume in Waterloo Bridge, and maybe just a 1930s Hollywood lady dressed formal; which was good with me as I was actually trying to avoid dressing up too specifically. The accessories included my favourite, currently overused big drawstring bag (it looks old-fashioned but is a modern reproduction), 1960s white ruched nylon gloves from the treasure trove Lucy's Lounge in town, a 1920s (1920s!) Art Deco pattern gold-tone jewelled clamp bangle, and lastly but most sparkly, 1940s rhinestone clip-on earrings found at my friend Moira's stall at the Purevintage Fair.

vintage long white gloves, rhinestone earrings, and drawstring bag
Vintage 1940s rhinestone earrings
The entrance to the secret venue was on Wicklow Street in City Centre with Charlie Chaplin as gatekeeper, leading to a restaurant that had been converted to a Speakeasy den for the night. We had quite a queue in, so I took some photos while in the line; it looked like boarding Titanic?

Inside cabaret and burlesque performances awaited. Miss Truly DiVine (I first knew Miss Truly DiVine when I too was playing at The Ferocious Mingle Market a few years ago, though I'm not sure if she remembered me until more recently, as I might have grown a bit older since then) was putting on her Marlene Dietrich song act. 

Truly Divine as Marlene Dietrich, Film Fatale Halloween Speakeasy party 2013
Truly Divine as Marlene Dietrich, Film Fatale Halloween Speakeasy party Film Fatale Halloween Speakeasy party 
Film Fatale Halloween party

And pumpkins.

Pumpkin lantern, Film Fatale Halloween party

I have missed Film Fatale's December movie It's a Wonderful Life, but am thinking about the February screening of The Artist which is also a celebration of FF's third birthday - the only problem is that I have already seen it in the cinema before! Oh well, I suppose I might give in and go...I could imagine tickets must be going fast!